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We Wing It!
We "Perform" Community Service

Bring the gift of laughter to your worthy organization! Build your team, enhance your creativity, and have fun! For 8 years, the experienced and enthusiastic volunteers of Cherub Improv have been delivering the "best medicine" to those in need. Book us for a show or workshop today! 

about us

We are Cherub Improv -- volunteer improv comedy.  We partner with hospitals, senior homes, veterans centers, hospice, senior centers, children’s runaway and homeless shelters, homeless outreach programs, cancer support organizations, and numerous other organizations to perform and teach short-form improv and musical improv comedy. 

For free. 

Since Cherub Improv’s debut performance in April 2007, over 200 volunteer performers have successfully completed over 1000 improv comedy events, and when asked for help, we love to say YES! 


Your financial support helps those for whom laughter is healing and is very much appreciated!  Among other things, donations enable our dedicated volunteers to travel 3-5 times per week throughout the greater New York City area, including monthly visits to Kessler Rehabilitation Center in West Orange, New Jersey, as well as to the Children's Village in Westchester County. 


Cherub Improv is a 501(C)(3) and all donations are tax deductible.


join us!

Cherub Improv is currently seeking improvisers with big talent--and hearts--to help bring laughter to those in need with Cherub Improv, a New York City nonprofit volunteer improv comedy troupe. Coordinators state: "This is an excellent opportunity for improvisers to sharpen their skills, perform regularly, reach a wide range of audiences, and to use their talent to provide community service. Free training is included-- improvisers of all levels are welcome."

Rehearsals are the second Sunday of every month (4-6 p.m.). Performers can choose from several events at a variety of venues throughout the NYC metro area. Performers are asked to be able to commit to at least two shows/workshops per month.

For more information, visit the link below!



Cherub Improv brings comedy to hospitals, homeless shelters, retirement homes, hospice facilities and other places where residents usually don’t have the opportunity to attend off-site performances.  The direction of our improvised skits and songs is based on audience suggestions, thus making each performance interactive and unique.



Our workshops give participants an opportunity to try their hand at improv in a relaxed, accepting environment.  We work with all ages, children through seniors, emphasizing the basic principles of improv:  listening to your peers, being creative, thinking on your feet, and building confidence in your own ideas.

Leadership and Team Building Workshops

Improv's basic principles -- including listeing carefully and being supported of others' ideas -- are highly useful in improving leadership and team work.  We offer these types of workshops for existing teams within corporate, non-profit, and professional organizations.  We also offer these workshops to leaders and aspiring leaders from disparate organizations to improve the effectiveness of their occupational and volunteer work.



From fundraising galas and holiday parties to summer picnics, Cherub Improv will provide a custom tailored comedy show in support of your cause.  Our experienced improvisers can adapt easily to most environments, providing a high quality, memorable centerpiece for your event.

coming soon

6th Annual Cherub Improv Gala


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