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cherubs (officers, directors, performers)

Cherub Improv relies on its volunteer officers, directors, and performers, to bring the magic of improv to underserved communities.  Say hello to the Cherubs!

Jonathan Evan Goldberg, Esq.

Jonathan Evan Goldberg (President, Co-Founder, Improviser) was born and raised.  A full-time lawyer (Juris Doctor, not Jewish Doctor) and resident of Manhattan, Jonathan has performed in numerous improvisational comedy shows with Quickthinking! Improv.  Jonathan’s other credits include SNOOPY!!! THE MUSICAL (Snoopy), THE CURIOUS SAVAGE (Samuel Savage), and THE MIRACLE WORKER (Capt. Arthur Keller).  His debits include a mortgage and a huge cable bill. Jonathan’s last appearance was on the Very, Very Early Morning Show, hosted by his pets, and he has appeared in federal and state courts throughout the country (not as a defendant).  Jonathan also serves as a board member of the America-Israel Cultural Foundation and Friends House and an actor and writer with Storahtelling.


Dr. Steve Van Ooteghem

Steve Van Ooteghem (Vice President, Co-Founder) is best known for his work with Quickthinking! Improv where he studied and performed for several years.  In addition to appearing in shows at locations throughout the city, Steve assisted with corporate events such as the QT MTV workshop.  A licensed social worker, Dr. Steve subsequently graduated from Mount Sinai Medical School and is serving as an emergency medicine resident at Yale School of Medicinel.


Joy Copeland Purver

Joy Purver (Vice President, Co-Founder, Program Administrator, Improviser) began performing improv comedy in New York with Quickthinking! improv.  Being on stage and making people laugh has always been a passion of Joy's, and she quickly got hooked on improv's spontaneity and excitement.  Joy leads the kids workshops at Ronald McDonald House and loves working with children to help them realize the benefits of that old improv adage 'Yes, and'.  When not improvising and helping coordinate Cherub Improv's programs and volunteers, Joy spends time with her husband Douglas (who created Cherub Improv's logo) and newborn Hunter.  Joy is honored to be a member of Cherub Improv and hopes to spread her JOY for combining the art form of improv and volunteering. 


Ben Wellington

Ben Wellington (Vice President, Assistant Artistic Director, Improviser) has been enjoying improv since he accidentally wandered into an audition in progress at French Woods summer camp.  Since then, he founded Dangerbox, NYU's improv group, and currently helps Cherub Improv works with hospices, hospitals, homeless shelters and anything else that starts with an 'h'.  He is also the author of the I Quant NY blog -- and that is no joke.  Ben is thrilled to be a Cherub.


cherub improv board

Lloyd Barker

Patricia Carroll

Ed Goldberg (Emeritus)

Jonathan Evan Goldberg

Michelle Fan

Julie Galdieri

Carol Heller

Marie Therese Pope

Joy Purver

Donna Ratajczak

Shelly Savoca

Steve Van Ooteghem

Ben Wellington


cherub team leaders

Evie Aronson

Richard Bishop

Michael Condon

Gina DiMaggio

Jonathan Evan Goldberg

Alexis Levenson

Elaine Liebmann

Elizabeth Parish

Emma Peele

Joy Purver

Shelly Savoca

Marc Adam Smith

Julie Stainer

Michelle F. Thomas

Mike Veasey

Ben Wellington


cherub performers

Additional Cherub performers include Dina Adler, Elaine Barrow, Maya Batash, Leonie Bell, Kapil Bhatt, Lisa Brauner, Lindsey Bristol, Audrey Brown, Dave Buscema, Emily Callahan, Tanyika Carey, Pat Carroll, Melissa Cole, Annemarie Cullen, Valerie David, Dale Davidson, Andrew Davies, AJ Dunk, Rachel Evans, Shacottha Fields, Ellen Flaks, Ross Flores, Aaron Friedman,  Amanda Goodman, Charlotte Grady, Rich Grebanier, Danielle Heaton, Anne Jacobs, Elizabeth Kemler, Marly Kurtzer, Robert Lendvai, Noah Levy, Pamela Mahler, Jamie Maloney, Jeanne Marie McPhillips Dolan, Melody Mokhtarian, Gary Monk, Dana Moore, Dani Nolan, Eric Novak,     Colman O'Reilly, Mike Ocana, Carolina Ordonez, Alex Orthwein, Linda Pallotta, Christina Pitrelli, Nikki Plyem, Marie Therese Pope, Alisa Pruner, Angela R.H., Christina Salib, Blayne Salloway, Laurie Sammeth, Linda San Lucas, Erica Nicole Scott, Andrea Shiffman, Robyn Somers, Richard Templeton, Jordan Tranberg, Serena Venditto, Zoe Watkins, Laura Yoder Witt, Alicia Wright, Kimberly Young,

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