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“Despite my reluctance to leave the bed, once I got to the performance, I laughed so hard that it physically hurt, in a good way. I was howling laughing and I could not believe that this perfect cure to my woes was brought right to me . . . .” 

Cancer patient,

American Cancer Society Hope Lodge


"Dear Cherubs,  Please accept our thanks for reaching out with your talent and love to our hospitalized veterans.  You provided a perfect antidote to our collective tribulations and ho-humdom.  It was so refreshing to experience your enthusiasm and down-to-earth approach to sharing.  Be assured that everyone was benefitting – veteran patients, veteran staff, family members, visitors, children and special guests.  I hope it was a good experience for you all, too.  We are grateful that you have chosen to continue a relationship with us.  We look forward to seeing you again . . .  We'll be waiting for you!”

Betsy Faden-Qureshi, M.S., Ed, CTRS, Recreation Therapist

James J. Peters VA Medical Center, Community Living Center


“Cherub Improv performed today for a group whose average age is 90 . . . .  It was wonderful to see the stimulation.”


Resident, Kittay House, The Jewish Home & Hospital


“Cherub Improv brings us so much joy -- not just because we’re in poor health, but because the performers are so full of happiness and giving.”


Resident, Cabrini Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation


“A big thank you to you and the other Cherub Improvisers for sharing your talent, humor, creativity and most importantly your time with our Project ORE clients.  In addition to the great reviews we’ve heard from our clients, I have to say I had a great time as well and am thrilled to have seen Cherub Improv in action.  Volunteerism at its finest!  Looking forward to all of our future programs together.  Thanks again.”

Chana Widawski

Director of the Volunteer Alliance, The Educational Alliance


“I just wanted to thank you because the improvisation class was so wonderful.  I laughed and laughed.  And also the lessons of the class -- namely, be supportive of the scene -- I carried that over to my work environment.  I figured whatever is happening at work I’ll be supportive.  And it makes my day go quicker, and it put a whole different light on my work environment.  I must tell you that the lessons of the improv class were very, very valuable.”


Client, Project ORE of The Educational Alliance


“I was delighted to attend Cherub Improv’s wonderful performance at Isabella.  The show was stimulating and creative; the performers generous of spirit and happiness.  In addition, the numerous seniors in attendance were very engaged and seemed to appreciate the performance on multiple levels.  I would wholeheartedly encourage other nursing homes to take advantage of Cherub Improv’s services given how important it is for seniors to exercise their minds.”

Angela Menghraj

Home Again Consultant, Isabella


“The people in the Cherub Improv Workshop [held at Gilda’s Club] are extremely talented and funny - and they let you perform with them.  I had a great time.”

Tobi Zausner, Ph.D.

Author, “When Walls Become Doorways: Creativity and the Transforming Illness”



“Jonathan, I really appreciate you and your group for coming yesterday to perform at our literacy fair.  The children and families truly enjoyed the show.  It is because of people like you that we can continue to provide our children and families quality programming & events.  Thanks!”

Karenne E. Berry

Division Director, Children & Family Services, The Educational Alliance


“I have had the pleasure of attending four Cherub Improv performances at the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine at NYU Medical Center.  The adult in-patients responded very positively and afterwards said that it was great fun.  The performers have a lot of heart.  We look forward to having them again.”

Rachel Alban

Art Therapist, Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine NYU Medical Center


“I took a theater class for a couple of years, to try and counteract my biggest fear (being on a stage with a bunch of people staring at me!), and I really believe that it’s a great way to build confidence and teach people to live in the moment.  I just want to tell you how genuinely touched I was by your performance with the kids.  I found it so inspiring to see such an innovative, interactive, and entertaining exchange.  You have such a wonderful rapport with the kids.  It made me happy to see someone like you giving so much of yourself to the community."

Sheila B.

NY Cares Volunteer, Creative Arts Workshop for Kids


“Hi Jonathan.  Please accept my wholehearted thanks to you and the ‘Cherubs’ who performed at Kittay on Saturday night....  You guys are the best -- hot, hot weather, a microphone stand that was too short, and yet... what a terrific show you gave us.  The audience had a wonderful time and both they and I truly appreciate your efforts.  It was an evening of many delights and we look forward to seeing you again...!”

Naomi Chiel Jewish Program Coordinator, Kittay House


“Jonathan, on behalf of Gilda’s Club Westchester, I want to thank you for doing the Kids Improv Workshop on Thursday night.  You were wonderful.  The children (as well as the adults) had a great time – you got rave reviews from everyone!  We all appreciate the time you took to come out to Westchester and how enthusiastic you were in working with the kids.  You made a nice contribution to our Laughter for Life Week celebration!” 

Miranda Dold, LMSW

Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator, Gilda's Club Westchester


“Thank you for coming to our program yesterday and spending time with our Bigs and Littles.  I believe the group truly benefited from the experience. My ‘a-ha’ moment came during wrap up when a Little said that he learned from the workshop how to ‘let go of fears.’  What an incredible insight.  I think your team did a fantastic job connecting with volunteers and kids alike.  You put together a lively, engaging and energetic agenda that pushed everyone just a little bit out of their comfort zones while allowing them to have fun.  Bravo!”

Laura, MSW

Big Brothers Big Sisters Workplace Mentoring Group

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