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Training Leaders and Teams in Improv Skills

to Help them Rise to the Highest Level

Leadership and Team Building Workshops

Cherub Improv is the leading 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing improv comedy performances and workshops to underserved communities:  over 1,500 events since 2007!  Our customized improv workshops are perfect vehicles to strengthen corporate, non-profit, legal, and entrepreneurial teams who work together on a regular basis.

What Can Participants Expect?

Under the guidance of experienced workshop leaders, attendees will participate in a variety of carefully chosen verbal and physical improv exercises, games, and scenes designed to teach the fundamental skills of improv – skills that have widespread application well beyond “performing”:

·         Improved listening skills.

·         Positive energy through saying “YES” as opposed to “NO”

          (so as not to dampen motivation to suggest ideas).

·         Teamwork through building trust.

·         Improved self-confidence and public speaking skills.

·         Acceptance and support of colleagues.

·         Creativity leading to breakthrough.

·         Thinking on one’s feet.

·         Improved spontaneity.

“Wharton Club of New York alumni had the privilege to build leadership skills with a Cherub Improv workshop.  Wanting to do improv on the spur is one thing but having the toolkit and knowledge that co-founder Jonathan Evan Goldberg offered is quite another.  Kudos to all the Cherubs for an evening of laughter and learning.” 


Jennifer Gregoriou

Vice President of Programming

Wharton Club of New York 

Who Can Benefit from Our Workshops?

*  Managers and employees of not-for-profit and for-profit organizations.

*  Workgroups that cut across organizations, such as partnerships, alliances, and advisors.

*  Leaders and/or aspiring leaders.

*  Clients of non-profits where the benefits of the workshop are congruent with their service goals.

Cherub Improv workshops also help strengthen many of the fundamental skills of emotional intelligence:

Self-awareness: Understanding your own emotions and what triggers them.

Self-management of your emotions: You control them, not the other way around.

Social awareness: The ability to understand what is driving other people.

Relationship management: The ability to manage interactions based on self- and social awareness.

Price and Duration

•           1-hour workshop: $35 per person for 5-10 people, $30 per person for 11 to 30, $25 per person for 31 to 50.

•           2-hour workshop: $60 per person for 5-10 people, $50 per person for 11 to 30, $40 per person for 31 to 50.

•           Workshops typically last 1-2 hours but can be extended upon request for an additional cost.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, Cherub Improv’s primary mission is to provide free performances and workshops to people in need including, but not limited to, veterans, hospital and hospice patients, at-risk youth, and senior citizens.  

All revenue raised from our corporate workshops will be used to further Cherub Improv’s mission.

Contact us TODAY to schedule a workshop by calling 212-243-7824 or sending an e-mail to

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